Infrastructure technology

World-class infrastructure talent within your grasp

Your NEXT technology breakthrough comes from our project teams and talent² pool. Whether you need project-based teams, on-demand staffing, or full-time recruits, we can fill your talent gaps. Turn infrastructure expertise into a competitive advantage that drives your enterprise AI initiatives.

The Expertise of Our Infrastructure Technologists


Scalability ensures your infrastructure can grow with your AI needs. For instance, our team enabled a Fortune 500 company to scale their data center, resulting in a 30% performance increase.

This scalability allows for efficient handling of increasing data volumes and complex AI models, ensuring continuous innovation without disruption.


Reliable infrastructure is crucial for consistent AI performance.

Our managed service team implemented a high-availability system for a leading tech firm, reducing downtime by 40% and ensuring their AI applications run smoothly.

 Reliability guarantees that your AI and machine learning operations are always available, minimizing risks and maximizing productivity.


Having the right talent is key to optimizing infrastructure for AI.

With the right infrastructure project teams and consultants, you can effectively manage and optimize your AI systems, driving superior results and maintaining a competitive edge.

The end of ordinary

  • Infrastructure technology is the backbone of AI and machine learning growth. It provides the power and scalability needed to process vast data efficiently, enabling real-time analytics and decision-making.
  • Robust infrastructure ensures AI innovations can thrive, transforming business operations and delivering competitive advantages.
  • Having cutting-edge technology alone is not enough; organizations must also invest in skilled professionals who can design, implement, and maintain these complex AI infrastructures.
  • With the right infrastructure talent, like our team that helped a Fortune 500 company boost performance by 30%, you can unlock the full potential of AI and stay ahead in the market.

Roles we have recently filled:

Our infrastructure technologists are essential connectors across all facets of infrastructure development, from engineering to operations.

  • Infrastructure Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Cloud Infrastructure Manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Center Technician

They don’t just maintain systems; they design, build, and optimize infrastructure, influencing every detail of its performance and reliability.

A study by Deloitte found that companies with mature AI practices achieve 4-6% higher profit margins compared to their industry average. This underscores the critical role that both advanced infrastructure and skilled talent play in leveraging AI for business success.

Stop being reactive, leaving critical roles unfilled until the last minute and causing disruptions and strained transitions during digital uncertainty.

Let’s build tomorrow’s products together.

Work with specialists with 25 years of experience finding, curating, and delivering superstars in infrastructure technology.

Years in Technology Services

Next generation thinking

If your enterprise writes software, tap our candidates to steer projects that meet immediate technical requirements or long-term initiatives while anticipating future market needs.

We’ve spent years building channels into project teams and passive candidate pools armed with soft and hard skills:

Rising and established superstars in Infrastructure technology

  • Shouldering end-to-end responsibilities, steering infrastructure projects to completion while collaborating with diverse stakeholders.
  • Skilled in building and leading high-performance technical teams.
  • Experts at reducing complexity to streamline infrastructure plans and accelerate implementation timelines.
  • Proficient in using detailed analytics to solve infrastructure challenges and enhance system performance.

Fuse your recruiting solutions to key business objectives. We edge your team beyond routine task execution to innovation—always accountable, always transparent.

Tap into our winning equation:

  • Hire rare talent² with a deep focus on infrastructure and empathy to solve complex customer journey challenges.
  • Tap into our expertise with infrastructure technologists who focus on solutions, not just processes.
  • Move from challenger to leader using an outcome-based approach to building products and customer-centric organizations.

Re-think who you work with

  • OpenNova isn't your supplier; we're your partners. That makes us accountable in your quest to build world-class talent².
  • OpenNOVA are not generalists; we're specialists in infrastructure technologists and the talent² to drive it.
  • OpenNOVA recruiting solutions don't just add value; we multiply it. We invest in helping you turn emerging technologies to into tangible solutions.

We guide your vision and roadmap, serving as infrastructure experts for your enterprise inside an end-to-end talent² journey.

Turn vision into outcomes

We guide your vision and roadmap, serving as infrastructure specialists for your enterprise inside an end-to-end talent² journey.

Ready to build your talent pool?