Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Let's engineer the future together.

Software’s the engine driving your business transformation—make a bold, decisive decision to leverage engineers who don’t just write code—they architect resilient systems inside high-performance product teams.

Unlock your organization’s engineering potential with rare, passive talent²:

From talent² war to talent² famine, our shared vision for outcome-driven innovation helps you fight back:
Precision talent acquisition:
Companies experiencing difficulty in hiring and retaining top engineering talent face up to 50% higher turnover costs and a 40% reduction in productivity.
Accelerated hiring cycle:
Achieve a 60% reduction in hiring time for engineering roles through our talent communities.
Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity:
Automate routines, minimizing manual efforts & errors, allows employees to focus on other strategies and operations to boost overall productivity.

We're deeply committed to finding software engineers who excel in teamwork with key stakeholders like CMOs, Product Directors, and Heads of Analytics, in a climate where more than half of businesses doubt their ability to recruit and retain Engineering talent.

Roles we have recently filled:

Our software engineers are team players working toward a common objective of building world-class products in fail-fast environments:

  • Software Architect
  • AI & ML Engineer
  • Cloud & DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer – API Development

Passive candidate engagement:  73% of talent² aren't actively searching, yet they're open to the right call. OpenNova unlocks this silent majority, turning passive interest into dynamic career moves.

We understand Engineers - and how to reach them!

  • We find and nurture rare engineers who embrace continuous learning environments— ready for the current 18-to-24-month turnover in tech proficiencies.
  • We understand their fears and motivations inside a field that values constant product innovation and understanding of customer journeys.
  • They trust our expertise, finding roles that allow for work-life balance while meeting your demands around product deadlines in intense, team-driven environments.
  • They appreciate our approach: We have no hidden agendas—open and honest communication from the first phone call to their onboarding and beyond.

We have complex, honest, challenging conversations with candidates, so you don’t have to.

Us: “I see you’ve worked extensively with Java and have some experience with cloud services. Our large Energy Tech client has been transitioning more of our services to AWS and using Python for new APIs. How comfortable do you feel about working in this environment?”

Software Engineer: “I’ve been looking to shift towards Python and am excited about cloud architecture. Can you tell me more about how your teams manage their deployment cycles?”

Problems we solve with YOU

We’re your partner in dealing with digital uncertainty. Our accountable, transparent recruitment model turns your gaps into springboards:

Overcome 1 (+): Product delays

  • By forecasting market trends and maintaining a robust talent pipeline, we ensure that the right skills are available when needed, keeping your product timelines on track.

Overcome 2 (+): Bandwidth constraints

  • Shrink bandwidth constraints on-demand: Tap into our pre-vetted talent pool, available within three days, to keep your project timelines intact and productivity high.

Overcome 3 (+): Legacy Debt

  • Our engineers help you re-architect, rebuild, or replace aging platforms with unmatched market agility.

Overcome 4 (+): Affordability

  • Tap cost savings of up to 30% compared to full-time hires. Unlike larger consulting firms, we emphasize cost benefits across talent acquisition (and on-demand staffing).

The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity not create it

Tap into our winning equation:

Talent² + Data(AI/Cloud) = ∆Productivity

  • Hire rare talent² with analytical and storytelling skills and empathy to solve complex customer journey challenges.
  • Tap data scientists who organize around a product rather than a process.
  • Move from challenger to leader using an outcome-based approach to building data-driven products and customer-centric enterprises.


Re-think who you work with

  • OpenNova isn't your supplier; we're your partners. That makes us accountable in your quest to build world-class talent².
  • OpenNOVA are not generalists; we're specialists in product innovation and the talent² to drive it.
  • OpenNOVA recruiting solutions don't just add value; we multiply it. We invest in helping you turn emerging technologies to into tangible solutions.

Ready to build your talent pool?