Service Models

Service Models

Power your data-driven enterprise with our breakthrough service models

Live data is the glue that binds product-centric organizations together; talent² catalyzes and sustains success. Link your product innovation goals to our bulletproof service models, making us accountable and transparent partners in your success across operational roles and project delivery. 

Our Formula

Talent² + Data(AI/Cloud) = ∆Productivity

Our OpenNova equation disrupts talent² acquisition and on-demand staffing for enterprise leaders, data, engineering and infrastructure teams:

  • The “²” in Talent² is more than a symbol; it shows our dedication to significantly increasing the effect of top talent², especially when it’s hard to find.
  • Open Nova unlocks elite talent² pools where scarcity becomes your strategic enterprise edge.
  • Solve big-picture problems at scale on cloud-driven platforms with curated talent communities that close your data skills gaps and hurdle digital uncertainty.
  • Build high-performance teams where outcome-driven talent² propels your enterprise towards sustainable, intelligent infrastructure.

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