Let's build the future together

Talent² as the catalyst, data as the fuel, AI as the engine — a shared vision for outcome-driven innovation in data & analytics, software engineering and infrastructure.


Our Story

Lead, don't challenge: The winning talent² equation.

After 25 years in technology services, we faced a harsh truth: In a sea of generalists, the specialist is king.

Our Formula

Talent² + data(AI/Cloud) = ∆productivity

  • The "²" in Talent² is more than a symbol; it shows our dedication to significantly increasing the effect of top talent², especially when it's hard to find.
  • Open Nova unlocks elite talent² pools where scarcity becomes your strategic enterprise edge.
  • Solve big-picture problems at scale on cloud-driven platforms with curated talent communities that close your data skills gaps and hurdle digital uncertainty.
  • Build high-performance teams where outcome-driven talent² propels your enterprise towards sustainable, intelligent infrastructure.

Continuously adapt your modern enterprise to outperform peers with our talent² solutions, leapfrogging the gap between perform and transform.

Our difference

It's taken us 25 years of learning and adaption in the technology services sector to bring you certainty and precision in finding and keeping pre-vetted rare talent in our Intelligence System:

  • Harness market data and analysis to help isolate the perfect candidate inside straightforward candidate funnels.
  • Access our entire talent² community during the search, inspiring confidence and trust in the selection process.
  • Calculate precise, clear insights into talent² costs and optimization.
  • Lean on our vision, roadmap & product evangelist services.

What we are NOT

We’re not recruiting generalists. We specialize in specific domains to increase service levels and value for OpenNova clients seeking data analysts, scientists, engineers, and product management specialists. 

Service Models

Power your data-driven enterprise with breakthrough service models

Live data is the glue that binds product-centric organizations together; talent² catalyzes and sustains success. Link your product innovation goals to our bulletproof service models, making us accountable and transparent partners in your success across operational roles and project delivery. 

Managed Engagement:

Empower your vision where we expertly manage the people on our project team while you retain ownership of the tools and systems. From concept to execution, we handle the complexities so you can focus on innovation.

On - Demand Staffing:

Respond to change with confidence. OpenNova’s on-demand staffing bridges the gap between challenge and solution, providing the agility to tackle projects with the right expertise exactly when needed.

Talent² Acquisition:

Spark growth with talent that fits the job and your future. OpenNova’s expertise connects you with professionals who don’t just fill gaps—they open new possibilities for innovation and success.

SHARED VISION; SHARED OUTCOMES: Enterprises organizing around product value streams correlate to a 50% increase in the likelihood of having exceptional product creation speed – only possible with talent² elasticity at scale.  Together, we can achieve this transformative goal in a shared vision statement that makes us accountable partners in your success.

Why do candidates love us?

We have no hidden agendas—open and honest communication from the first phone call to your onboarding. We appreciate diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and approaches to product innovation, engineering, and analytics. On average, your time to hire with us will be 60% faster than that with other recruitment platforms.

Ready to build your talent pool?