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Ryan Alfieri

Co-founder & Managing Partner


Pat Rush

Co-founder & Managing Partner


Our Story

Lead, don't challenge: The winning talent² equation.

After 25 years in recruitment, we faced a harsh truth: In a sea of generalists, the specialist is king. 

This story is personal to us and perhaps to you, too.

As the former Director of Talent Acquisition within a large enterprise, staffing agencies flooded me with calls and emails, hoping to assist with our open positions – —in fact, just about every position we had open.

Frustrated, I would ask them, “If you had to fill ONLY one position for us, which would it be?”


I was trying to understand what they were good at, but 99% of the time, I got no direct answer:

“We’re great at everything – we can find you, anyone!”

They were saying, honestly, that they had no deep value or difference from my internal team. Like the Cheesecake Factory menu, you can order almost anything, but everything could be much better.

Frustrated, Ryan and I would listen to agencies proudly tell us they were “technology agnostic” or “skill agnostic,” so they never had to miss out on any opportunity that fell under the technology domain.

All this leads to is customers needing and wanting more from a firm and a partner.

The OpenNova story grew out of the sad tale above and working within the confines of traditional talent organizations: We consciously decided not to become recruiting generalists. 

Instead, we specialize in specific domains to increase service levels and value to OpenNova clients using talent across all time zones.

We’re committed to making this vision a reality for companies focused on building a foundation of live data to drive new customer and employee experiences.

While only some decisions can or should be automated, there are 23 times the likelihood of businesses acquiring more customers vs. their rivals using data analytics.

Analytics can identify patterns and insights from data used to automate functions, such as marketing, financial, or sales processes, and transform a process-oriented company into a product-driven enterprise.

We specialize in specific domains to increase service levels and value to OpenNova clients using talent across all time zones.

Ryan & Pat
Adopting a product-based model in a world flooded with crucial data makes businesses agile, lean, and deeply connected to customers—critical ingredients for future growth.

Traditional systems were failing, often described as the Talent Famine, The Great Resignation, and the Skills Gap

Data-driven innovators need better answers to the talent gap – our runway to offering the solution. 

Now when YOU ask us the question of WHY we’re the right fit and what ROLES we’d like to help you with, here is how we may reply.

Answer: Last quarter, we placed a Data Scientist at a fintech firm struggling with fraud. Coding skills aren’t our only selection criteria: We delivered an expert in predictive analytics using Python and TensorFlow. She revamped their fraud detection system, boosting accuracy by 40% in four months. Tell us honestly: Do you want a generalist who checks boxes or a specialist from our talent community who turns (fraud) prevention into intel innovation?

Once you are our client, we’d like to have these conversations with you.

Us: “Based on your current product roadmap and the last sprint reviews, we see your scaling up features that rely heavily on microservices. Should our team prioritize experience in Docker and Kubernetes for this developer role to enhance our deployment strategies?”

You: “Yes, that’s a good point. We’re moving towards a more containerized environment. How should we adjust the job description to attract the right talent?”

We’re deeply committed to the path we describe above. 

Our experience and passions shape a simple equation that captures our thoughts, actions, and deliverables for clients. 

Talent² + Data(AI/Cloud) = ∆Productivity

The formula holds us accountable to emerging technologies and the talent² to steer them. It’s our way of saying that you get something incredible when you mix the right people with data-driven tech.

The “²” in Talent² is more than a symbol; it shows our dedication to significantly increasing the effect of top talent², especially when it’s hard to find.

Rare talent² doesn’t just add value; it multiplies it, transforming emerging technologies into tangible solutions.

Our mission is to turn you from a challenger into a leader.

Manifesting this vision made us realize we must share the risk and the glory of solving the talent² equation for the modern enterprise.

Moving from a provider to a partner makes us accountable: We deliver transparent and resilient talent solutions across your enterprise.

If you’re pursuing hyper automation and live data at every turn, we would be privileged to partner with you to solve some of the biggest problems in the world today.

Let’s build the future together!


Ryan Alfieri & Pat Rush
Co-founders, OpenNova
Unlocking elite talent² communities

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